Why another legal blog?

That’s a good question, when there are so many excellent blogs already out there.

First, I’m trying to make this blog a little different from the others. Its emphasis is on arbitration and legal issues that often arise in labor, employment, commercial, or FINRA arbitrations.

And it is especially concerned with the law that has developed in Florida courts or in the Eleventh Circuit. Second, this blog does not purport to be comprehensive. I pick the topics based on issues that come before me as arbitrator, or that I find interesting for some reason.

I don’t attempt to cover every new event, but I will try to be topical and, when I feel it is appropriate, will give my own views on the subject. And finally, if it exists for no other reason, this blog satisfies for me the basic need I share with all other lawyers: the compulsion to pontificate. If you find that this blog is helpful, or if you have any constructive criticisms, PLEASE send me comments.

I need feedback to determine what is helpful to the readers and what additional topics might be of interest. Thanks. As is true with any legal blog, it comes with the following caveat: It should be stressed that the legal considerations herein simply represent the views of the author and should not be considered legal advice, and that potential employee-plaintiffs, unions, and employers should consult with their own attorneys regarding the issues discussed herein.

Sample Labor Arbitration Cases

UNICCO V. TEAMSTERS LOCAL 769 UNICCO Service Co. and IBT, Local 769 AAA 32 300 00484 06 October 17, 2006 Final Award   Introduction   The hearing in the instant case was held at the premises of the American Arbitration Association in Miami, Florida on August 22, 2006. The Company was represented by Katherine Joyce,Continue Reading